Rules of Malaysia Betting Casino 3 Card Baccarat

3 Face/3 Picture Baccarat is a gambling game playing with Banker. If the total of three cards on Player’s hand is bigger than Banker’s, Player wins. The biggest one is called 3 Face. Other people sum up the points of three cards. If it’s over 88GASIA 10, please minus 10. If it’s over 20, please minus 20.

1. The Biggest Set:3P,Sets of 3 picture cards (J、Q、K)

2. The Secondary Bigger Set:2 picture cards and card number 9.

3. The Third Bigger Set:1 picture card + the sum of 2 cards equals 9.

Online Gambling Shares You 3 Card Baccarat Playing Ways and Odds

– 3 Card Baccarat Playing Ways

1. Bet with Banker:It’s a common playing way. Player bets with Banker, one who gets bigger digit wins. If it’s even, Player can’t retrieve the stake. The stake stays until the final result.

2. Bet Even:Player can also bet even. If it’s even, and Player predicts the points of Banker correctly, Player wins. Casino Malaysia You can’t bet even until other people have already bet all the other items.

3. 3 Face Bet:Bet on Banker and receive 3 Face.

4. Total Point Bet:Bet on the total points of Banker.